Lauren Oliver: Requiem


Lauren Oliver: Requiem

HarperCollins 2013



Requiem is the final part of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy: the story of a girl named Lena and her quest for love in a dystopian society where love has been deemed a disease. Picking off where Pandemonium left us, Requiem shows Lena face-to-face with a past she thought was long gone. Torn between two loves, Lena has some inner turmoil to deal with – all the while trying to survive the hardships of living in the Wilds, where the net around the rebels tightens and lives are lost.

The reader is also re-introduced to Lena’s former best friend Hana, now living in the lap of luxury in their former hometown and about to marry the new mayor. Hana has been Cured, but somehow she still hasn’t forgotten all about love – or about Lena.

While the first part of the series centered around Lena’s personal revolution of falling in love, and the second part was all about her growing into a true rebel, Requiem is about the build-up to a full-scale war. And just like the previous books, Requiem is fast-paced and downright addictive. The book is clearly aimed at a YA audience and things like that damn love triangle get more attention than, say, character development… But funnily enough none of this bothered me while I burned through the pages. Oliver really knows how to hold the reader’s attention: the alternating viewpoints of Lena and Hana and cliffhangers at the end of pretty much each chapter prove it. And it was this addictive structure that kept me both captivated and pretty much oblivious to the faults of the text all the way to its epic finale.

And epic it certainly is. So while not completely without faults, Requiem is definitely a worthy conclusion to the Delirium series, and it will leave no fan disappointed.


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